Is it efficient to write articles as Sales Manager in B2B? See Nicholas Novell: Love your Freeloaders.

Many Sales Managers or Account Managers in B2B, ask themselves if it is really worth their time to write articles and share their knowledge?

You think you know all your relevant contacts in your Accounts?

In the companies I have seen, it is difficult to sell top down, when the CIO/CEO/CMO does not know you.

Otherwise, if you sell buttom-up you would to do so much of work to convince everybody, to reach out for them in the old way:

  • E-mail / cold-call
  • another E-mail / cold-call
  • you get your target contact on the phone
  • you set up a meeting
  • you follow up

And you will have to do this with at least 20-40 people in every account.

Why not doing it the other way around? Make it Inbound?

Probably a lot of the readers won`t buy. But may be there are 2 or 3 of the readers who think your stuff is great and want to talk with you and become the best buyers you ever had….

Watch the Video by Nicholas Lovell:

Writing your first Blog post is easy in LinkedIn or on Medium.

1. step to Social Selling: How to Create an awesome LinkedIn-Profile

Social Selling is a lot about bringing real life relations into the digital world (where most people already are).

The first step to do this, is introduce yourself well. So keep your profile up-to date. Let people know what you stand for. Not only your background and CV is important, but what you do, what value you bring to your customer.

By the way: The Rule “Make your headline more than just a job title” has brought a lot of colleagues to think about their job – and its value for the customer.

You can use 120 Characters for that. And it is a difference when you are Solution Architect or PreSales Consultant in Security if you write chapters in the offer and respond to RfPs or if you design for the best security solution for the customer.

I do not re-invent the wheels. Some of the best advices to set up a LinkedIn-Profile are:

How To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed from Bernard Marr (LinkedIn Influencer)


17 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2017 from Jane Fleming (LinkedIn)

some interesting thoughts on character limitations in LinkedIn by Andy Foote ( I wish he was smiling) MAXIMUM LinkedIn Character Counts & Limits for 2018!

And before I forget: Think on your target reader. How do you want to be?

If you need to dreate a good background image, try CANVA

Why this blog Social Selling Tips

A Blog is a lot of work. Why should I do it instead of having a relaxed beer?

  1. I do give you the basics fast. Online. Without having to ask me – like any website.
  2. I want to discuss Social Selling with you. To make a start, I put my knowledge in.
  3. I am very interested on Social Selling and Digital Marketing. To teach and write a blog is a good way really learn the stuff. Or scientifially spoken: To better externalize my tacit knowledge.

I am German. My english skills are medium. Sorry writing in a foreign language. I do it anyway because I want to discuss this in a global community.